Page with many errors

This page simulates what an author would experience if they were logged in to a site with Editoria11y installed: a toggle automatically appears in the lower-right-hand corner of the page with issue information. Normally it is an innocuous little checkmark; since there were critical issues detected on this page it has gone red and received an issue count.

  1. Explore the tips.
  2. Manual check issues can be marked as "OK" or "Hidden." Note that changes will not be saved in demo mode, so issues will come back if you refresh the page. Normally changes are saved and viewable from the dashboard.
  3. Test the "outline" and "alt text" buttons on the panel to see various pieces of structural information visualized.
  4. Check out the dashboard.

Note that the info panel and contextual highlighting can be set to activate automatically when new issues were found.

Heading Tests

1. Empty headings

This heading has no text:


Skipped heading levels

This H6 should have been an H3

Suspiciously long headings

A very long heading. Headings should not be used for emphasis, but rather for a document outline, so if you find yourself talking this much, this probably is being used for visual formatting, not a heading.

Suspiciously short blockquotes that maybe should be headings

Not a blockquote

Suspicious paragraphs that look like headings

This looks suspiciously like a heading

Note that this test only flags an all-bold paragraph that has no punctuation at all,

so this paragraph will not be flagged as a false positive.

Text alternatives

Image with no alt attribute at all

Screen readers end up reading this as a filename.

Image marked as decorative with an empty alt

This might be OK; flagged as needing manual review.

Image with an invalid alt attribute

E.g., alt="'"


Image with a filename as an alt


Image with redundant text in its alt

E.g., “image of.”

Image of a photo of a picture.

Image with very long alt text

Alt text should be brief. Screen readers cannot jump from sentence to sentence in alt text, so listeners just hear one monster pile of text and if they miss something they have to start over.

This link has text and an image.A lovely gray box


Flagged as manual check needed for captioning:

Also flagged: embedded audio and social media.

“Click here,” “learn more,” “download,” etc.

Click here

An informative video.

Note that you can set what Editoria11y should look for in your preferences file. By default it checks for PDF and DOC files.

A fake PDF link.


Tables without valid headers

A table without a TH header is invalid

And no, an "H3" does not count.

Empty table header cells

Empty table heading cells will also be flagged:  



a. Fake lists

b. use letters or numbers.

c. rather than real formatting.

Caps lock